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I bought ticket from them for international travel and they could not even get my name right on the ticket apart from that they claimed that there would be no problem with travel and when I tried to confirm same with the airlines, airlines totally refused it which was pretty obvious. Then when I asked them to change my name they totally refused to do that and infact blamed me for all this. Also when I booked ticket they told me that whenever I refund the ticket they would just deduct $200 from original amount and return everything else. They told me same thing when I tried to return, but then they informed that part of my ticket was non refundable and there will be a $200 deduction from rest of it.

Finally they do not care about customers and business. Once you have bought ticket from them just pray to God that everything goes on fine otherwise you will just end up wasting time and money arguing with bunch of non professional folks.

Avoid tripsbooker if you dont want to deal with all this ***.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #867169

This is a fake & wrong complaint.We write so many times to this website owners about this but never got any response from this.

We think this is a fake website who misguide the customers & display anything on website without any investigation. We request all customer please clarify from us before trust on this type of fake messages showing on this website. We are doing very clean business & you can see except this review there is no other wrong review about our company from anyone else or any other website also.

We are requesting again from this website owner please remove this review from your website & investigate first.For any clarification anyone can call us on 1-866-344-8592

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #853105

Tripsbooker folks stop spaming the post. Lots of post are just copy paste and rest are posted at same time on the day. You think people can't figure out that it is all your agents posting these fake positive posts.

I have given proof of fraud to website admin and that is why my post is still here, so stop trying to defend yourself.

I think Amitabh makes a very good point to file a complaint on website and get you permanently banned so that you can not make others suffer more.

to neeraj27 #858932

Neeraj: check: All these ram, prem etc etc are on 6th of august after amitabh post..

You are right

to neeraj27 #1005961

Neeraj send me ur email..


I was very pleased with my experience booking travel with trips booker.A male advisor was the person that booked my travel.

He quickly gave me multiple options and promptly reserved my ticket for my trip to India and got me a good deal.

Overall, prompt and efficient.Best, Ram


He gave an excellent cost effective fare based on my criterias, his service has been great and have already recommended him to friends. They have also availed good fares and excellent service from him last year as well as this year (yes we have started booking for dec already :)


They listen to details and accordingly provide the best option within the parameters of price, travel time, travel dates and number of connections with great service. Highly recommend Trips Booker


A great experience doing business with Tripsbooker.Besides providing good deal for my travel arrangements, the advisor was simply great with his courtesy, response and professionalism.

All through he was prompt getting back and answering questions and even after 3 weeks during the return flight home - that too on sunday when the office was closed.

Professionalism and responsibility of the top order!I am telling all my friend to book through Tripbooker and of course I will contact them


Hello everyone,

I am referring to everyone who has complained on this site.I am also one of you, who has been a victim of tripsbooker site.

I can understand all your pain and agony.

I thought a lot about this and decided that let us not leave this and let other keep on suffering. We should do something and should take some legal step to stop this harresment from these people like Jack, Raj et etc...

Let us all sign togather and make a complain at is a goverment site....The IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the actual victim or from a third party to the complainant. We can best process your complaint if we receive accurate and complete information from you.

Therefore, we request that you provide the following information when filing a complaint:

Your name

Your mailing address Your telephone number The name, address, telephone number, and Web address, if available, of the individual or organization you believe defrauded you. Specific details on how, why, and when you believe you were defrauded. Any other relevant information you believe is necessary to support your complaint. I have collected all the mails, bank transcations, mail reply from the agent.

Will request you all to extract this information and let us coordinate to put up the complain to ic3. Gov site. Let us make an effort to the end this harassment and they are not going to get any business. Will again request...

This will make a big impact and ic3 will take it very seriuosly.....

Come forward and cooperate each other to help innocent people who should not suffer...Amitabh

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to Amitabh #853106

Lets do it. I am in, lets teach these tripsbooker folks a very good lesson.

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